Both Mike and Shawn are avid outdoorsman; hunting, fishing, trapping, camping……if it can be done in the great outdoors, they have more than likely done it. They not only enjoy the back-country for recreation but rely on the wilderness for their livelihood. Our shared thoughts and conversations are based on years of experience and know-how, but that’s not saying they are perfect. We welcome you to the conversation.


Mike Hawkridge is a husband, father, guide outfitter, rancher, entrepreneur, outdoorsman, horseman, and a BC resident hunter/fisherman in his home province of British Columbia. He grew up in a remote area of north central BC, where hunting and fishing were as much a part of his everyday life as emails and phone calls are now. Currently, he owns and operates Big Country Outfitters, as well as a traditional cattle operation, the Deadwood Ranch division of the Baker Creek Cattle Company. He is a crazy busy guy but strives to find the right balance and the humor in everyday life. He is full of opinions (mostly bullshit) and thoughts (more shit) and will give up a testicle for a laugh. He is an A-hole in front of a mic and hopes the listener can take something away from his whining. “We here at B2R strive to be the very best waste of your time”


Shawn is an avid and very serious hunter, big game guide, Quesnel trapper and accomplished woodsman he was born Quesnel BC but has guided and hunted all over Alberta and British Columbia. He looks for any excuse to be in the back-country doing anything from exploring new territory to shed hunting or trying to just get lost Shawn is a very humble and generous person and will at the drop of a hat lend a hand.
He also with the help of his wife and friend Mike Hawkridge runs Antler springs skulls and mounts. When Shawn is not working at his day job he also guides for Mike at Big Country Outfitters.

Shawn and big buck1